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Celox Granules

Celox Granules 15g – € 18
Celox Granules 35g – € 25

Celox stops quickly the life-threatening bleeding. It is simple in use, safe and effective. Celox saves lives.

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Foxseal Occlusive Dressing

Foxseal Occlusive Dressing – € 22

We present to you the new Occlusive Dressing for pneumothorax from the creators of the haemostatic devices CELOX. It was created according to the latest requirements of military doctors to a reliable Occlusive Dressing for pneumothorax without the valve mechanisms. Foxseal combines the strong adhesion to skin, the ventilation possibility and reapplication.

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Celox Gauze

Celox Gauze – € 35

Celox is now available in the form of Gauze. The usage of Celox Gauze is a simple way to use Celox to stop the heavy bleeding. Tightly pack the unravelled Gauze directly to the bleeding site and apply firm pressure directly to the wound. It is safe, simple and effective.

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Celox Gauze Z-Fold

Celox Gauze Z-Fold – € 35

Celox Gauze Z-Fold is the new Celox product which it is easy to work with. The new practical package is very convenient for transportation.

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Celox-A Applicator

Celox-A Applicator – € 20

Celox-A Applicator is a unique system to deliver haemostatic device to the source of bleeding. It allows easily, safely and effectively to stop the life-threatening bleedings in hard-to-reach places in case of penetrating injuries. Instinctively understandable applicator allows delivering the Celox Granules through the small wound entrance directly to the source of bleeding during the several seconds.

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