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Celox Gauze

Celox Gauze

Celox Gauze – € 35

Celox is now available in the form of Gauze. The usage of Celox Gauze is a simple way to use Celox to stop the heavy bleeding. Tightly pack the unravelled Gauze directly to the bleeding site and apply firm pressure directly to the wound. It is safe, simple and effective.


Celox Gauze contains Celox Granules on its surface. The unique, natural and patented Celox formula works regardless of the natural process of blood clotting, even when the coagulation process is slowed down or disrupted.


Celox Gauze has shown the ability to stop even the heavy arterial bleeding during the laboratory and clinical tests on different types of injuries. It comes as no surprise as Celox Granules have already shown the 100% survival result in cases of heavy bleedings at the time of independent tests of the US Marine Corps.


Celox includes chitosan. Chitosan is decomposed by human ferment lysozyme, leaving the glucosamine sugar, which is present in a human body.


Unlike other similar haemostatic agents Celox doesn’t contain and doesn’t leave non-decomposable procoagulanted minerals or aluminum oxide-based elements such as smectite or kaolin, which remain in the human body until they are fully removed.


Celox Gauze is used on:

  • Heavy bleeding with high pressure;
  • Hemorrhage;
  • Arterial and venous bleeding;
  • Gunshot, knife and splinter wounds as well as wounds caused by explosion;
  • Wound treatment;
  • Any kind of bleeding wounds.


Celox Gauze has been shown to:

  • Reliably stop arterial bleeding;
  • Quickly clot hypothermic blood;
  • Save its own structure during the compression.