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Celox Gauze Z-Fold

Celox Gauze Z-Fold

Celox Gauze Z-Fold – € 35

Celox Gauze Z-Fold is the new Celox product which it is easy to work with. The new practical package is very convenient for transportation. 

Celox Granules located on the surface of the Z-Fold Gauze provide the Z-Fold Gauze with the same effectiveness as the original Celox Gauze. Celox Gauze Z-Fold is a smaller, thinner and lighter Gauze. Having 155 sm in length it works as effective as other similar Gauzes with the bigger length. The laboratory tests and usage on practice showed the same result: Celox saves lives. More economic and universal Gauze is easier to transfer and quicker to use.  At one time you can transport more Gauzes as the weight of one thin package of Z-Fold Gauze is only 34 grams.

Celox Gauze Z-Fold is used on:

• Heavy bleeding with high pressure;

• Hemorrhage;

• Arterial and venous bleeding;

• Gunshot, knife and splinter wounds as well as wounds caused by explosion;

• Wound treatment;

• Any kind of bleeding wounds.


Celox Gauze Z-Fold has been shown to:

• Reliably stop arterial bleeding;

• Quickly clot hypothermic blood;

• Save its own structure during the compression.