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Foxseal Occlusive Dressing

Foxseal Occlusive Dressing

Foxseal Occlusive Dressing – € 22

Nowadays the amount of penetrating chest injuries is 9% of the total amount of wounds of the USA soldiers. The Occlusive Dressings for pneumothorax close and seal the penetrating chest injuries.


We present to you the new Occlusive Dressing for pneumothorax from the creators of the haemostatic devices CELOX. It was created according to the latest requirements of military doctors to a reliable Occlusive Dressing for pneumothorax without the valve mechanisms. Foxseal combines the strong adhesion to skin, the ventilation possibility and reapplication.


Foxseal is ideal for practical usage in the battle field. Foxseal has a small size. One package of Occlusive Dressing contains 2 Dressings for entry and exit wounds.




Foxseal advantages over the other occlusive dressings for pneumothorax:


• Valve-free;

• Two seals per pack;

• Easy to take out and to use;

• Creates an occlusive seal;

• Is ventilated by lifting the edge of the peel tab for venting;

• Re-sealing;

• Self-adhesive;

• Cheap.